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This is an absolutely gorgeous piece of history in burgundy. Looking at this baby has me drooling and wishing I married it rather than the wife. The smooth curves on this piece of action is something a woman could only dream about, especially when it is almost 80 years old. I would marry this typewriter tomorrow, not just for its looks, but also for the smooth way it operates and no request is ever turned down, it simply performs like magic. I have a problem in releasing some typewriters and this work of art came in to that category. The colour is extremely rare and original, the condition is superb with just a tiny paint loss bottom left hand corner and a couple of little scratch marks below the roller which could have been pledges of love from a previous owner. The few people who have been given a view of this Corona love it and I have to be ruthless and let it go. We do go to some lengths to acquire these typewriters. Both of us, Alan and myself, travel untold miles if the machine looks good enough to us and this one passed on both our views. It is an extremely rare machine and to find in such good condition is exceptional, comes in its original box.

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