Remington Noiseless

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Another beautiful machine that oozes class and distinction. The Remington Noiseless brand is a historical gem. The heavy handed hammer on the keys became a thing of the past but only on the noiseless machines. Here comes the useless information that might save your life in a pub quiz. Churchill demanded the noiseless machines in the War Cabinet rooms. I guess when you are drunk every night the hammers of a typewriter may have done your nut in when the morning descended. These are a very easy to use typewriter keyboard, I would say similar to a laptop. To put in perspective, the first time I bought and used a noiseless machine I complained I had been turned over as the typing looked smudged. Once my wife used a more delicate touch I was informed of the facts of life, I am a complete plum. The noiseless brand is one that needs a more subtle use of fingers and the outcome is a joy to behold. A machine that will give you untold years of joy and a machine steeped in history that will embrace you and capture you in to the era.

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